Please help me with my optical mouse

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I just bought an inland u-Scroll mouse. Its a usb optical mouse, very small. It didn't list OS X as a requrement but I had luck with any kind of usb mouse working before. My problem is I cant get the mouse to move. The buttons work but the cursed cursor doesn't. I have usb overdrive and mouse zoom installed. Don't all usb optical mouse's work on os X or at least with overdrive?

Thanks for your time and help.


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    Are there anyone with this mouse?
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Looking at their site, I don't see that they support OS 9, OS X or anything Apple at all.

    Good luck, but it looks like you might be SOL.
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    Actually there is a sane standard for USB mice, and it would be odd if that one did not support it. The standard makes it so that you can plug in a whole list of devices and the standard driver will support the basic functionality. On mice this is 3 buttons, positioning, and a scroll wheel. There is also provisions for more buttons, but the standard does not require them. Oh.. and for the record, MacOS X supports 7 buttons natively, but doesn't have any standard actions for more than 2 (so they just go off and die in the software, uncaught).

    My guess is that you have a bad mouse... But you might want to turn off USB overdrive, simply because there is a small chance that it is messing something up.
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    yea, this mouse brand sucks bad. This is the second mouse that is bad. The first one's optical light didn't even turn on. This one doesnt work either, I checked it on my bro's pc laptop.
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