Help! Executable problem

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I have a problem

I had an iMac 266 G3

OS 8.5

I had Director 8.0

My iMac died in late 2002

I don't have the orginal Director 8.0 CD

I was smart enough to make a copy on CD

I just bought a iBook 800 G4

Using OS X 10.3

When I put the CD in all of the files are ".exec"

"Unix Executable"

OSX can not open this program

I tried changing it to ".app" and ".dir"

All I want is the serial number off of 8.0 so I can buy a Director upgrade. :-)

Anyone know what happened that its a "exec"- Should it not be a ".app" or ".dir" or ".dcr" ????

Any ideas ????



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    dobbydobby Posts: 797member
    If you create a Classic environment then you should be able to start Director 8.0 and get the serial num.

    If your PB can see the imac drive (mounted in an external firewire drive case for example) then you should be able to boot from the old drive even.

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