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I'm connected to the internet through an external USB-ADSL modem. It's listed as ethernet adaptor in the Network preferences. When I am connected to the internet I can't access my home network (Windows). My built-in ethernet is configured correctly. I have configured bouth under the same location.

Should I be able to connect to bouth networks at the same time? I hope there is a simple solution, because my ISP doesn't have better/other drivers for this modem.



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    dobbydobby Posts: 797member
    I would expect that your ADSL modem provided you an ip address to connect to the internet (eg via DHCP.

    If your home network does not share the same subnet as that of your internet connection then you can either setup a router between the two or change your local network to be in the same subnet as your internet connection.

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    no offence to dobby, but ignore what he said. Your network subnet has nothing to do with it. (* See below)

    What WILL cause a problem is if the IP address assigned to the usb modem is the same as your ethernet IP address!

    Its best to draw a small diagram, and make sure none of your devices have the same ip address.
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