Good Bluetooth Phone... Good Network?

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With the ability now to keep your phone number when you switch from one cell company to another (or even to keep your number when you switch from a land based to a cell phone), I'm looking at switching my service.

I know I want a bluetooth phone, mostly to easily connect to my Mac... but what Bluetooth phones are good... and which ones should be avoided?

Also, I've heard Verizon has the best network, but I can't find any bluetooth phones that they offer. Do they have bluetooth phones, and if not, which other network has good service and coverage?


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    foadfoad Posts: 697member
    Hey there. Well as far as carriers, I totally love T-Mobile. Great service.

    They carry the Sony Ericsson T610 which is the phone I have. I love it! I know the T630 is coming out soon (January is when my rep told me he is getting them) and I might be getting that instead because the only thing I really don't like about the T610 is that with direct sunlight it canget washed out a little. Besides that though it is a killer phone.
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    You won't find any BT phones with either verizon or sprint. They just refuse to carry them for some reason. I haven't got any idea why. I've got T-Mo and I also love it. It makes sprint look silly and compares very favorably to my cingular service. I haven't had a single dropped call or even a bad connection in my 8 months of heavy use (it's our only phone). I'm very rarely in a place where I can't get a signal - even in the mountains of NC it worked and on my drive from Chicago to Durham to Athens, it was good almost the whole way.

    BTW, I've got the Nokia 3650. It's an unconventional phone but the reception is great and BT works well.
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    Originally posted by pensieve

    You won't find any BT phones with either verizon or sprint. They just refuse to carry them for some reason. I haven't got any idea why.

    It's because as of now, the only Bluetooth phones being manufactured are GSM models from Sony Ericsson and Nokia. SE was supposed to release a bluetooth CDMA phone for Sprint, but they haven't yet, and recently announced that they were ceasing production of CDMA phones, so I don't know what's happening on that front.

    As far as my personal use goes, I have a Sony Ericsson T616 on Cingular. It is a great phone, and the bluetooth connection works seamlessly with my Powerbook and Belkin USB bluetooth adapter. And my service has been excellent so far, good reception and haven't dropped a single call here in Santa Barbara.

    At this point, if you want a bluetooth phone, you'll need to look at the GSM networks, which are AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cingular. I've heard bad things about AT&T here in California, but coverage is quite variable for all networks depending on where you go.
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    filfil Posts: 16member
    I guess it depends where you are...

    I hate t-mobile and will be switching soon.

    I travel between Long Island and upstate NY, I am very fortunate if I can complete a conversation without the call being dropped.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    What up from K.C.! Ahem. I also have T-Mobile and a SE T610 and I'm the happiest I've been since I got this service about 5 1/2 years ago (we're talking activating with Aerial when there was true per second billing, no activation fee, and no contracts). While some have had complaints about T-Mobile, I've always had a pleasant experience talking with their Customer Service staff, and I've never gotten a "I don't know how to do that," or "No, we can't do that."

    The T610 is slick! It works very well with BT on a Mac, and the camera phone even makes it easy to take someone's picture and put it in their Address Book or iChat entry. Sending pictures to and from the computer is seamless thanks to how nicely Apple's integrated BT into the OS.

    The final thing is this: If you want to change phones in the future, doing so can be as easy as these three steps:

    1. Remove SIM card from old phone.

    2. Insert SIM card in new phone.

    3. Make phone calls.

    If you have other questions, feel free to ask.
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    Are there any new bluetooth phones coming out from good networks that I should wait for? Nokia, SonyEricson, Moto?
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    spazspaz Posts: 58member
    wow, i feel so common, but i also have a Sony Ericsson T610 with T-Mobile. coming from a crappy Sprint phone and even crappier Sprint service, i'm now in paradise. the phone rules, and the service is much MUCH better.
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