Setting a download limit (ADSL/Airport)???

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I live in a share-house with friends and we all share an ADSL broadband connection.

A PC is hooked up to the base station via ethernet, and two laptops access the AE base station for wireless access.

What we are looking for is a way to limit downloads to specific clients...

ie. we share a 10g per month download limit, and would like to divide this up into thirds (for the sake of fairness - and one PC using housemate addicted to Kazza!) so that we dont exceed our download limit, and that everyone has equal and fair access to the internet.

Is there any way that this is possible?

Somehow i think it would take 3rd party software, or an alternate router?




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    First of all, get more than 10 gb a month limit! Second, slap your friend and tell him to quit being a retard. He is stealing music. Third, you are correct, if there is a way to do this it will require a third party app and or another router, although I don't know the correct way to go about it. Sorry. Seriously though, tell your friend to stop being a little b*tch. Tell him to pay for his music.
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    haha - thanks for your reply!

    down here in australia adsl is still an emerging (=expensive) technology.

    we pay around $60 ($25-30 US$) per month for the privilige of broadband access (and only at 256/64 as well!)

    and i dunno what my housemate is downloading, he does a lot of video conferencing with his gf in germany, and also downloads much pornography...

    so a slap in the head for him doesnt sound like a bad idea.

    anyone else out there know how i may be able to achieve this objective (of setting a download limit, not slapping him in the head!)

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