TechTool Pro 4

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It's finally out! The "eDrive" feature is amazing but seems to me to be rather unexploited. Apparently Micromat has finally solved the ever-present Mac power user's problem of partioning: you can NOT make a partition without first erasing everything on the drive. This is a limitation I was hoping Panther would fix. However Micromat appears to have found a way around this, a way to create a real honest to goodness bootable partition. What does everyone else, I haven't used TTP4 but I'm considering getting it, 3 was very good. In combo with Data Rescue and DiskWarrior that covers pretty much any problems Macs have.


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I'm using my G5 with my fingers crossed like I always do. I only remember to buy a disk utility when I need it most. Maybe this time it will be different...

    1 question: What is the difference between TTP4 and Drive10?
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    Drive 10 was just directory de-fragmentation (a la DiskWarrior) and disk defrag, along with some basic drive diagnostic tests. TTP4 is supposed to be all this PLUS diagnostics for other system hardware (such as the CPU). I bought Drive 10 when they had that promotion to get TTP4 for free I am waiting with baited breath to get that shiny CD in the mail. Hurry the hell up guys!
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