Now up-to-date and contact on OS X?

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Hey everyone, it has been a long time since I've been here. My dad finally got rid of his old Performa 6400 and bought a used G4 tower. It came with a fresh install of OS 10.2 and I did the updates to 10.2.8.

He was using Act 2.8 on his Performa but I thought Id get him set up with up-to-date and contact for OS X and convert his Act databases over. I downloaded the trial, but for some reason, it isn't installing. As soon as the progress bar starts, after a few seconds of progress, it just quits and goes back to the install options screen. How can I fix this?

Note: I already check PowerOn's website and didn't find anything.



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    All right, here's the deal. Now Contact and Up-To-Date are two of the junkiest pieces of software ever made. If you want a calendar and to-do list app, Apple's Calendar, and Address Books walks all over it.

    We had 5 copies of it for our sales force, and it gave us problems day after day.

    Until we switched to Daylite , by MarketCircle:

    This program is a true CRM - a contact manager used for sales forces to maintain their sales leads from contact, to completion - competition for ACT! Their tech support is excellent - more often than not, their CEO will walk me through an issue.

    So, my advice, junk NOW, and try this program, if you're looking for an ACT! replacement. If not, just use Apple's free apps.

    Also, Daylite has a special ACT! import filter.
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    Originally posted by Will D.


    Good to feel loved. Best of luck!
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    will d.will d. Posts: 3member
    Hey Francis, I just thought I should give an update about Daylite.

    So my father has since added some ram to his G4 (now at 1.06GB), got a Sonnet 1GHz upgrade card, and is running 10.3.9.

    More importantly, he has been very pleased with Daylite...Daylite 3 to be more exact. While he liked the previous version of Daylite ok, he is truly happy with Daylite 3.
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    FWIW, I second the motion for Daylight.
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