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I'm starting to get into small independent films here and there which I'm producing. It's a school thing. Which software at home should I use. I really kinda have a open budget so price should have to hold anything back. I'd like a software package which takes advantage of Dual processors. I want something better than iMovie, it just doesn't have the "power" to do things That I want to do.


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    There's this app called Final Cut Express, it's pretty obscure though so no wonder you haven't heard of it.

    In fact, there's also one called Final Cut Pro, if budget is really no concern.

    Now that I think of it, there's also this killer forum called Software, where we discuss, like, software and stuff.

    Movin' on over....
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    I've heard if Final Cut express/pro, I am a mac fan Is there any thing more advanced than that, or is that the top?
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    If money isn't a problem you could spend a 100k or so on an Avid Symphony.
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    This is what I work on.....


    You could get this once you win the lottery. (and it doesn't run on mac)

    But for the money.... Final Cut Pro can't be beat.

    You should check out
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    Not to pull the age card here, but uh, 14 year olds doing work on small films for school.... I'm thinking Final Cut Pro might just have enough power for you. If not, shoot Speilberg an email immediately.
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    You won't need more power than Final Cut Express. School films don't require what Final Cut Pro will give you. I edited on FCP for a variety of reasons, but FCP is a lot of money. Save yourself some money and get all the functionality you will need with FCExpress.
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