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I visited my local CompUSA and it wasn't that bad, since they had the latest products for the most part. In most cases all of the laptops are tied down in cages. Well, this time, a few weren't including a new iBook, so I lifted it up to get a feel for it. Sounds normal, right? Well the moment I picked it up alarms went off! Idiots! They have all their laptops wired with some kind of motion detector. You can't pick them up! A security guy had to come to turn the stupid alarm off. What the fu*k is that about? How can you sell anything like that? Oh stupid me. They don't want to sell Apple products. Idiots.


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    One time I was there they had these cool USB alarms. You unplug this USB cord and they alarm goes off. Kinda neat.
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    And people wonder why Apple is choking back 3rd party retail chains in favor of official Apple-branded stores...
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    If they are gonna have the motion detector on them, they should at least have them secured in some way, or else it seems to me like that would happen a lot. That dose suck though, sorry you had to go through that.
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    And just think, CompUSA bought the Good that means we can expect this ame sort of #$%$#% there. I hate Circuit City? so naturally Good Guys is where I shopped? looks like it is back to Circuit City for me. Can't we just have one place that is IDIOT free? I mean, the Apple Store is immune from that sort of thing? but when you get some snot nosed f-wad telling you that an HP inkjet cartridge will fit into a Canon inkjet printer, and that nothing they have is Mac just makes me want to choke the whole freggin' store. Why do they ALWAYS hire the lowest common denominator? (yes, I know there are typos in this, but I am on thankgiving drink- *eggnog* and I am ranting here- see?) What do the rest of you think about these slobbering doofases taking the electronics world by storm. The only other place I can think of that makes me more sick is Fry's Electronics- down here in SoCal. Anyone else fearing the new "Dumbdown" of the shops where we get our gear? I for one have the latest and greatest syndrome? meaning I want cool gear when it comes out. I do all of my own research, but sometimes have a question? one that I would like answered without using the store phone to call the manufacturer, or using their store computer to take a second or thrid look at the manufactures webpage for info I may have missed, or don't print out to bring with me! OMG, what is this world of tech coming too....
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    Ya i hate the way big box retailers like Future Shop Best buy and circuit city do that. At most resellers near me(im talking about the small ones) they have everything locked down too. but its locked to a six or seven foot cable so that you can get the feel for the laptops Ipods and wel i guess thats it. the one thing near the computers that is not locked down are the bluetooth mouses so often you find one lying around the store because some people dont have the courtesy to put it back. Going back to the big name stores i hate the way you cant even close the laptop or type on it sometimes since they will only log in if your a serious buyer. i like the way how at the resellers i go to alot i can feel comfortable just going in and looking aroung ask questions try everything out leave and come back later with my disision and be able to speak to and easily find the same salesperson.
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