Photoshop...DPI Woes

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When working in photoshop I like to work in at least 300dpi, but all the filters seem to be created for 72dpi. When I do noise or anything it is WAY to small, is there anyway to make filters appear like they would on a 72dpi on a 300dpi?


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    It's not that the filters were designed to work on 72dpi images, it's that the filters work on individual pixels. Just as it would be easier to find one orange tennis ball in a pile of 72 yellow balls than it would to find it in a pile of 300 balls, the effect is more noticeable on lower resolution images.

    You could, however, apply noise to a separate layer filled with a neutral grey in Pin Light mode. Then scale the noise layer until you get the effect you want. You may further want to adjust the levels of the layer is the edges are too strongly anti-aliased.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    I'll try that, thanks. I just wish you could make the effect scale with the DPI.
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