Whats inside your iPod ???

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Whats inside your iPod ???

As more and more MP3 players roll out, Apple is going to have to keep the iPod at a competitive price

So, as the hard dive is obviously is the biggest cost factor in manufacturing the iPod

What do you think if Apple (maybe help from IBM)made its own hard drives

Apple could use the product in other divices as well: Newton, Tablet, mini iBook 10" *any divice that needs a small not so fast hard drive

Im sure this would lower the iPod cost by 10-15% or more!

Just think an iPod 10G priced at 249$

Would it be worth it?

Would you want Apple making a hard drive? ??

Do you see the iPod being on the market long term- that this could/would pay off?



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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Guh, Apple manufacturing HDDs? What? HDDs proved too big a venture for IBM, so how could Apple possibly deal with it?
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    Won't happen. Shouldn't happen. Drive prices will drop just as all prices on all tech items do. Just wait. We'll see bigger and better iPods in the future that cost a lot less, even without Apple manufacturing their own drives.
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