g4/733 - wont boot osX, wont boot os9 any more

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hard to describe all osX disk utility's repair disk permissions, repair disk, fsck -y, disk warrior 3 from os9 which i've gone thru (each taking about 1-2 hours, reporting more and more "unable to repair disk" messages) ... but i've reached the point that my machine wont boot into 10.2.8 (grey screen with turning knob forever) and won't boot into os9.2.2 (extensions load, and shortly before desktop/any hdd appear spinning b/w ball forever) ...


os 9 and os x are each on separate hdd ...


i have some folders on osX's root with files/data that i need ... i don't need any stuff in osX sys/home directory ... can i just install osX over - will it repair all that hdd garbage ?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Er... Disk Warrior from OS9 will damage OS X disks, as I recall. Bad idea.

    A complete reformat and reinstall will fix it, of course (barring a physical problem with the drive itself), but you'll lose your data.

    If you have a second machine, try either mounting the busted machine through FireWire Target Mode (can the towers do this? I'd heard a rumor they could after a certain point), or physically pulling the drive, plopping it in another machine, and copying off your personal files.

    Then and only then should you reformat and reinstall.
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