Should I swap my G3 iBook for a G4 iBook

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I´m really tempted right now.

I have the last of the paint-on-innerside 12" iBooks and I have my eyes on the new 12". So the speed is the same, the ram will be the same and same screen.

Due to my newly won status as self employed (with the right to withdraw expenses before paying taxes) I would more or less could swap without it costing me a dime. I sell my current set up for about $1000 (including insurance, extra ram, panther, mouse and stuff) and buying the low end for $1500 and get a $500 tax reduction. My expences will be for an internal airport card and bluetooth module.

So what can I expect the new iBook to do better? I use Office, web, iTunes and not much more.

Some special question: How much better is the graphics? How much better is panther on a G4? How much difference does the faster bus make.

Is it worth the trouble?


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Having done something similar just now, I'd have to say the following:

    I upgraded from a 600 MHz 14" to a 933 MHz 14". The difference is quite refreshing, and I am still waiting for a stick of 512 MB RAM to arrive (my 600 MHz had 384 MB). My upgrade was a lot bigger than what you might do though. The 600 MHz was the last non-Quartz Extreme iBook (sporting a lowly 8 MB of VRAM), and I reckon many other things caused it to be a lot slower than the following iteration. Now, I've got a Velocity Engine to encode mp3s at 10x - 12x or so (used to be about 4x). I've got a 32 MB ATI Radeon Mobility 9200, which blasts me into Quartz Extreme and then some. A faster bus (though it's hard to tell how much of the total improvement is due to this bus). Slot loading (nice!) combo drive burning at 24x (!). USB 2.0 (finally!). Airport Extreme. A new keyboard that is definitely a big improvement to the icky old plastic ones. A new screen (probably the same, but it's new, you know, all bright again). And so on and so on.

    There have of course been many who claim that a G3 is not really a slouch when compared to a G4 at the same speed. The only real difference is in the Altivec (Velocity Engine) areas. I think of encoding in iTunes. Some Photoshop actions and filters. Some video applications (including games?). What I mean: although I am positively thrilled (there, I've said it), you, on the other hand, may be underwhelmed, seeing the 800 MHz (is it?) G3 ibook is a decent computer in its own right. But if it's near free... and of course, the longer you hold on to that now sorely obsolete hardware, the less you are going to fetch for it.
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Wonder what business you are running.

    You really should make some expense to write off your income tax a bit. Denmark's income tax is the second highest in the world


    52% in Canada and we are already screaming

    But still can't beat Norway - 68%
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    Originally posted by Anders

    Should I swap my G3 iBook for a G4 iBook

    Yes. The G4 makes all the difference in the world.
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    Get a 12" Powerbook with superdrive, airport, bluetooth only about 1700.
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    somehow posted in wrong thread
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    I have seen some benchmarks comparing the new G4 with the previous i book G3 : the difference is important .

    And just because it's you Anders i will publish the benchmarks :

    I book G4 800 256 mb versus I book G3 700 256 MB

    speedmark 3,2 : 109/62

    adobe PS7 : 4,10/4,27

    imovie 2,1,2 rendering : 0,55/2,05

    itunes 3 , mp3 encoding : 1,05/2,35

    quake 3 fps : 57,5/32,8

    cinema 4D rendering : 6,42/11,56

    adobe after effects : 12,34/23,03

    You see there is an important difference in term of performances. And this i book is even faster than the first generation 12 inch alu booK.

    For i tunes it will make a great difference, for Office i don't know, but i don't think it's important ...

    I wish you a good b(u)y Anders
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    do it! g4 kicks ass. i had an ibook 600 and i upgraded to an eMac 1ghz. Huge speed jump, felt 3x faster for everything.

    of course the much faster hard drive helps a lot to.
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