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hi all

I ve got a G4 Titanium 1Ghz Powerbook 15".

My beautiful powerbook came during a performance into contact with an old metall lamp which didnt isolate the power from the plug. So my powerbook came under powerschock!!

Fortunalety everthing is working except my audio out which was connected to a sound-mixer, when the accident happened.

So what shall I so? Open the powerbook and have a look?

Has anybody had an similar experience?


ovid from switzerland


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    I don't think U can do a lot about it.

    That is, if comonents are fried.

    First check the audiomidi setup program.

    Then do all the things that are listed here:

    If all that doesn't help, I think that it's better to bring the powerbook in for repair. Ask a price first because apple repairs aren't cheap.

    On my powerbook for instance, the little pin that is used to unlock a cardbus card, it broke off.

    My computer was still under guarantee, apple said: nope we can't fix that under guarantee, it's your own fault. Excuse me I said? B*ll sh*t!

    So I ask what it'll cost me, they said, about 400 ?. Ok give me my computer now before...

    Sjeesh 400? for a tiny stupid piece of metal.

    Money s*ckers...

    Anyway, if yours is still under guarantee, go to a shop, bring a receipt from the purchase as proof that it still is under guarantee.

    Tell them that the sound output is dead, don't tell them a lamp hit your powerbook cause maybe they'll tell U that it is your fault, and that's is going to be expensive.

    Hope this helps.
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    If Apple says they are unable to fix the problem without you having to pay, I would have to recommend the iMic from Griffin Technology. I've heard nothing but good about it and most say the sound is of higher quality than the original audio out. Griffin iMic

    Hope this helps.

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