iMac/eMac lack bling bling.

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Forget price for a moment. But much of my appeal of Macs has to do with it's simplicity and uncluttered appearance.

However, notable PC's companies like HP, and Sony are feature ridden with fancy DVD drives with sliding doors, and slotted ports for CF cards.

Of course Macs can accomplish pretty much everything those flashier PC's can. And I'm not advocating that Apple turn 360 degrees to make Macs more colourful (we've been there already).

But I think the absence of these "bling, bling" features hurt the iMac/eMac when it comes down to a sale. Unfortunately Joe Average thinks they are getting more because of the flashy lights on a PC than they would on the stark minimalist whiteness of iMacs.


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    tiny compuer with a thick chrome swingarm neck with a floating lcd up to 20" and smart looking optical drive door with as little as one cord for power?

    maybe my definition of bling is wrong...

    the emacs a little bland, but if you add the stand its character greatly increases, it takes on an entity form like the imac does. functionality too. The stand is very smooth, it certainly makes the 50lb monitor easy enough to reposition.

    but all sterile white...
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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 448member
    The "bling bling" is on the screen! (OSX)
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Maybe "Joe Average" needs to get himself a bit more informed? I'd hate to think of Apple either dumbing down or schlocking up their stuff just so your typical dumb-butt computer user (who knows absolutely next to NOTHING...we all know the type) suddenly thinks "man, them Apple computers is COOL!"

    It's up to them to perhaps get a clue...not for Apple to go all cheesy and lay on the useless smoke and mirrors in a lame effort to appeal to the ignorant "more is gooder" types out there. The wannabe Spec Whores who are too uninformed to even be a good Spec Whore ("my brother-in-law says them Macs are sissy toys and can't do the Internet fast...").

    Bug off. There's a really strong chance that your brother-in-law is an idiot on wheels and shouldn't be holding forth on such matters.

    Anyone simply unable to appreciate elegance and style when they see it (in Apple's hardware design) probably doesn't need to be buying one anyway.

    My opinion, anyway.

    If the above sounds a bit nasty or mean in tone, please bear in mind that I'm NOT speaking about honest people who simply don't know about computers in general (or Macs in particular). I'm dinging the idiot know-it-all types who actually know nothing, but act as though they do, and offer up one stupid, wrong-ass statement after another when it comes to computers, Apple, Macs, technology in general, etc. Big difference...those are NOT the people Apple needs to be catering to.

    BESIDES...if Apple were a bit better about getting the word out and marketing their wares a bit more for the masses, they wouldn't have to worry about some of these misconceptions and things, would they? People would simply know that - inside that sleek, minimalist design, devoid of bells and whistles and all that is "bling bling" - they're getting a hell of a computer, completely capable and up to any task they're ever going to throw at it. That's Apple's fault, and Apple's alone, that so many seem to harbor these misconceptions in that arena. Apple AND Joe Average both need to do a little's a two-sided thing.

    But that's another topic for another thread...
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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 448member

    Originally posted by pscates

    Maybe "Joe Average" needs to get himself a bit more informed?

    That, in a nutshell, is it.

    I still hear people that have never used a Mac say things like "But Macs are harder to use.", or "There's no software.", or "But Macs are a closed, proprietary system."

    All "old school", and no longer valid excuses.

    I'm with 'scates. It kind of reminds me of an old friend who bought stereo equipment based on the number and arrangement of LEDs on the front of the receiver.

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    bling bling? Who needs bling bling when Apple computers just scream "sexy!" Ya'll are right though, joe average sucks, and thats why he is just that...average.
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    Get the PowerMac G4 MDD then..
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    Originally posted by Kenneth

    Get the PowerMac G4 MDD then..'ll own the loudest Mac ever made!
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    i dont know, my roomie's sony minitower is pretty cool i must say

    definitely some bling bling on that thing
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    To me, "bling" implies flashy, over the top etc. So as far as I'm concerned, iMac/eMac aren't "bling" - they are simple and elegant. If I wanted "bling", I'd build myself a PC with perspex case doors and laser cut grilles, neon tubes and fans, and have a watercooled system with coloured water.

    On a similar line to ryukyu's comment, a hifi salesman once said to me, "If it looks like a fairground, it probably sounds like one!".

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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    I know, I know, Apple should put an LED inside every one of the vent holes at the base of the iMac, and have them rotate faster and faster when the iMac turns on, until *boing* the startup sound!

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    Thank The All Mighty Lord in Heaven and All That Is Good that there is no asshead stupid fugly bling-bling crapola in Apple's products. Good riddance to those so affected. Screw 'em. If Apple ever produced a product as terminally asinine as any car stereo or those "tricked out" hack job looking like all ass cars in The Fast and the Furious, I'd defecate on it for the public in front of the Apple Store in SoHo. The ninnies who pander to that sort of abomination deserve the same! Bleck! Fie on them!
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    I think 'Bling Bling' is the wrong expression to use, most people (including myself) think of over-compensating ghetto trash who feel they need to prove their existence by wearing gaudy, usually over-sized labels and jewelry. It sounds nasty and garish because it is.

    As far as Apple's computers go, while they are beautifully designed, some people to yawn at the all white on white on white look with no little extras. I for one would like subtle and well done little status indicators. Nothing tacky and spaceship like, just tastefully done unobtrusive status indicators just like you see on the XServe (but less of them of course, maybe 2 or three in that subtle light blue). Well done, clean, useful and still different from the masses. Sometimes users want to know when their HD is being accessed and when data is being transferred. Same holds for the PowerBooks. I think it would add nice function and subtle coolness you'd expect from Apple.

    I also hate the white. If they came out with an anodized brushed aluminum 'iMac Pro' with that gorgeous 20" display with the shiny chrome arm and the shiny chrome logo, I'd buy it in a second. Same holds for the Pro Keyboards and Pro Mice (if they ever come back). Don't even get me started on the iPod.

    Don't knock built in media readers. Most of them are connected internally by very fast USB 2.0 and are a pleasure to have built in. I'd love to see a well done, under stated thin line of CF and SD card readers right under the optical drive on the G5 (yeah, I know, you can always get external, but some of us like minimalist desktop space as well and sometime they are awkward to use and not as sturdy and quick as built in when inserting the cards). In the age of digital media, you'd have to ask why all computers don't have them as standard.

    So yes, there is room for slight design improvements whether it be for style or function or both. Unfortunately, the die-hards will ignore all the reasons why, blow it off as not needed, or exaggerate and suggest that anyone who has a different point of view on this subject want to see flashing lights and tacking glowing fans inside the case. Or the usual 10-page essay as to why nothing should change at all!
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Fine and all, but Apple themselves don't seem too into the idea of deviating from the "white = consumer, metal = pro" leanings of the past couple of years.

    Not our fault.

    In any case, there is a difference between a simple (but subjective) color change and some of the gaudy "accessorizing" advocated by others. I don't care what, but I never want to see any Mac looking like some of those weird towers I see in Fry's or wherever, with piping, excessive swooping/contrast for the sake of looks, funky vents, lights everywhere, etc. That's a real "trying a bit too hard" kinda thing...and it usually falls flat.

    And no 10-page essay is needed to convey that mixing the two (metal iMac or whatever) might muddy waters, confuse people, etc.

    Seems to me that perhaps an enterprising, aggressive individual somewhere could see a business opportunity here and design/invent some brushed aluminum sleeves or snap-on covers of some sort to give the iMac or iPod an instant "brushed aluminum" look for those that crave it, since Apple doesn't seem to be in a hurry to move in that direction.

    As for "improvements in functionality", I applauded loudest when Apple FINALLY put USB, FireWire and headphone ports on the FRONT of the G5. That was a sensible, much-needed tweak, especially in this age of iPods, digital cameras, USB thumb drives, etc. and the frequent connecting/disconnecting that accompany those devices. I hope any new iMac design (even if only a slight update to the dome) takes a cue from the G5 and does the same (put at least 1 USB and FireWire port on front, as well as headphones...leave the rest behind for printers, scanners, etc.).
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    i could care less about neon lights or grills or whatever the hell you people are trashing PCs about.

    By bling bling I meant features that no mac has and Apple never it card readers or tv tuners for DVR capabilities or video i/o or dual optical drives or front mounted controls for things such as MP3s or volume.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member

    Originally posted by Kenneth

    Get the PowerMac G4 MDD then..

    I think that has to be the closest Apple has come to being tacky with their designs. Mind you, it was more of an add on to the Quicksilver until they were ready with the G5's.

    Yes, let's keep Macs simple. But as others have mentioned, a few enhancements done tastefully would be nice.
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    Originally posted by DMBand0026'll own the loudest Mac ever made!

    My MDD (actually the FW 800 model to be specific) is very quiet.

    I switched to the Panasonic Panaflo 120mm L1A fan here.
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