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I have 3 ADS Technologies FireWire Cases...two of what they call the "older" style. And one of what they call the "newer" style. I have not had any problems with the older two cases..workhorses to the max. The newer one is kind of started off nice..then became a pain. Started to sleep and not wake up. Had to restart the comptuer to get the drive to come back up. I had data loss due to I bought a new case. Different vendor, now that drive is acting wondeful, end of story on that drive. So I have another smaller drive and put it into the case that had been giving me grief. Tested it for one week? no problems. Then I give it to a buddy of mine? and it is acting up again. Does not fall asleep, but is a real #$@#$@# to get it to mount. I emailed the company and still have recieved no answer. I was wondering if any one had a firmware update for their case....? Well any how the other important factors on this I guess would be the operating systems involved. Both 10.2. up until recently, I changed to 10.3. Works fine under mine, but on the 10.2.8 (final revision) is the computer where it is having issues. Perhaps someone could give me a bit of perpsetive on this one. (the 10.2 computer cannot run panther, it is a beige G3 with a firewire card) However, this comptuer can run the older two cases of mine just fine, not a hitch. If anyone can help, THANK YOU!!



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    You need to provide more info on the FW casing, more specifically, is it Oxford 911 or 922 (FW 800)? There is a known issue with the new 922 bridge that when not updated with proper firmware, Panther will actually start delete files randomly. If it is the 922 bridge prob, there is a firmware install that can correct it. I don't want to go into details but you can find in on the site for this prob. (I just mentioned OWC because I bought a FW 800 drive recently and updated to OS 10.3 and received a patch notice. Lacie has similar notice for their drive but the patches are proprietary to their brand so you 'll use it at your own risk.
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    i've seen problems with the newer ads cases mounting.

    try the following. (if mounted, unmount the drive)

    turn the drive off.

    unplug all firewire cables.

    wait 10 seconds.

    plug everything back in and reboot. should show up just fine.
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    It is a FW 400 and uses the Oxford 911 chipset (or so the box says). I still have not received a response from them but will see if I can wait a bit longer. If they do not reply, then I will no longer use their stuff. If they don't answer in 2 more weeks, I will attempt to just use anyones firmware updater. I look at it this way, if they don't answer the case in my opinion is kinda jacked..and if it works, great! If not, I am not going to invest in ADS anymore. I am not quite resloved that I may just have to pony up the dough for a new box. Thanks for all the replies so far.

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