.Mac Enhancements

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Here are some enhancements to .Mac I would like to see.

Web version of iCal. Login to .Mac-->View Calendar-->Edit

Then sync via iSync when I am back infront of my Mac.

When publishing my iCal, I would like the option to password protect it as part of the publishing process in the application.

More/New templates for Homepage

It would also be nice to have a Online Store page via a simple sore template via Webobjects. Something easy for those with really cool apps just for the mac - Acquisition, iBlog, etc.

I know Panther has the automatic sync'ing of iDisk, but I would also like to see that built into Backup. iDisk to Disk backup.

I would also like to see a return of KidSafe. With todays internet, a kid friendly internet experience is essential.
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