"She's an iPod!"

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i was watching, uh, the cat in the hat behind the scene on e today while eating lunch and alec balwin was saying some good things about his co star dakota fanning. he said something like "she's like an ipod of acting! she has everything programmed into her, she's an ipod!" i was pretty surprised to hear an ipod referenced to a human being.... interesting though. what other cool references have you came across?


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    "An ipod of acting" ? Tthats stretching it alec.
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    OT, but did anyone else catch Alec Baldwin on Letterman's show?

    I thought it was great...

    AB: "...and your woman..."

    DL: "she's not my woman! She's the... lady I've been living with for quite some time!"


    AB: "and was it planned?"

    DL: "as much as any of these are planned"

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