The Memory Hole

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I was sent a link to this site earlier today, and I just thought I'd share. It is somewhat similar to, but with a focus on politics, 'cold shouldered' news items of interest, disappeared web pages and supposedly public but difficult-to-obtain documents (as opposed to coke-addled celebrity mugshots and divorce petitions).

It received a bit of press last month when it published an uncensored copy of an internal Justice Department report on diversity in hiring. The report had previously only been made available to the public with pages blacked out (although they didn't do a very good job of it). It has also made the 9/11 transcripts and police reports that Port Authority had to be forced to release available (the only other way to get the reports was to pay Port Authority $500).

I'm sure there will be plenty of other material for AO discussion...


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    chu_bakkachu_bakka Posts: 1,793member
    ooo I can't WAIT to see Rush's mugshot! hehe

    After he turns himself in of course... "all drug abusers should go to jail"
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