Weird terminal problem

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Hi all,

I have been asked (as I am one of the few Mac users here where I work) to look at a G5 running OS10.3 in other department here at work which has an unusual problem that I figure someone here will have an answer to.

In the terminal, when trying to type a command, the cursor goes back to much earlier in the line every time the space bar is hit (though not on every space...) ie if I type

cp /blah/yada/ /blah/newyada etc

when I hit the spacebar after the .xyz in the first path the flashing cursor goes back to somewhere earlier in the string.

Typing further characters continues to put them in the right place (and the cursor returns to the normal place) until the next space and then the cursor jumps back again...

Anyone come across this and/or know of a solution?




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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Funny things like this can happen when you are using a custom prompt... especially when there are (un)escaped characters involved.

    I would also check the keybindings preferences under window settings -> keyboard.
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