Firewire ports suddenly not working.

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This sucks man!An hour ago,I thought I would use my iBot camera to shoot a few pictures and found out that either the camera went south,or both my firewire ports have stopped working.I reset the PRAM(waited untill it chimed four times),ran the Apple hardware test and got an error message,number 43 I think saying that it had found something wrong with my logic board,but then I realized that the camera was still plugged-in_ I unplugged it and everything passed the tests...

So I rebooted thinking that things would come back to normal,but still neither BTV Pro nor iChat AV saw the camera.Opened System profiler and looked in Firewire and this is what I noticed:

.With the camera plugged-in,it says that no information is found about firewire...nothing!

.As soon as I unplug it and refresh the window,it correctly says that I have a firewire bus running at 400 mb/sec.

By the way,this is a DP 867 running Panther and yes,things were fine till maybe a couple of days ago when I last used the camera.Any ideas?

P.S.:the thing is still under warranty so I'm not panicking but it would be nice not to have to take it all the way to the store...


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    I fixed it!I'm posting this in case anyone has a similar issue_it's just a matter of resetting the PMU switch on the motherboard,waiting a minute before plugging JUST THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE and booting up.Then plug in the other peripherals and things should be back to normal.I found the solution at the Apple discussion boards,by the way...
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