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It seems that my iPod only charges when my laptop is open. I am away from my laptop during the day, and then I come home to charge my iPod by syncing. Then I eject the iPod from iTunes and close the lid on my iBook and go to sleep. (both my laptop and myself) But today it seems that I don't have a full charge. Anyone know about this.



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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    iPods should charge when your computer is sleeping, they enabled this a while ago. Could be that your battery is dying or needs a reset. I've had to reset my iPod several times because it wouldn't charge to give me more than 20 min of battery life.

    To reset my ipod, what I did was open it up, disconnect the battery, plug the iPod into the computer, eject/unplug it, reconnect the battery, and things seemed to work again. I also discharged the capacitors on the iPod circuit board, but I don't think that is required.

    Anyways are you sure your ipod properly charges when the lid is open?
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    the low battery was just a myth. I started to play music and then the battery went back to showing full power.

    Thank anyway.
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