Newbie Upgrade Question..

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Buying my copy of OS X 10.3 this weekend. (currently have 10.2) Is the upgrade pretty easy. Is it just pop the disk in and hold C?



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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    Pop in the disk, start the installer, it will automatically reboot and start from the CD for you. The installer will give you several options as to how to install 10.3. Archive, clean, and I forgot the rest. If your computer is older (maybe a year or so) and you have a backup copy of all your stuff, do a clean install (warning: this will WIPE your HD of everything only do a clean install if you have a backup copy!!!) If you don't have a backup, do an archive and install. It will keep all your users and their settings and whatnot for the new system. Any more questions, PM me or just post them here.
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