Guilty until proven innocent.

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RIAA at it again

RIAA disgusts me. I know it is a civil case, but the idea that the older couple have to still prove their innocense smacks me as wrong.

The statistics that the article sites also don't seem to jive with the stats on loss of sales either. Hey, if RIAA can't stimulate legitamate interest in their products, perhaps they should die, just like many other businesses do when they can't adapt.


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    Whilst not advocating piracy, I do find the priorities of those creating legislation intended to combat it somewhat bizarre...


    A forthcoming copyright bill backed by key U.S. senators would place file swappers in prison for up to three years if they have a copy of even one prerelease movie in their shared folders.


    I don't live in the US, so may have an unrealistic view of the justice system. What sort of sentance would someone get for crimes against people rather than against property?

    (A potential 3 year sentance for downloading some of Hollywood's recent output certainly seems harsh whilst the producers & directors walk free)
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    The 3-year sentence is pure insanity and any representative caught supporting such insanity should be attacked viciously up and down the web and pushed out of office as quickly as possible.

    $$$$ing corporate whores.
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