TechTool 4 optimization times ridiculously slow.

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Is anyone else seeing this?

To opt a 50 gig partition on my G5 dual 2gig in panther that showed little frag and having just been tested with advanced TT4 tests and found ok, It took 6 hrs from the installed TT4 ap to complete.

Tried the same on a 60 gig external firewire drive and it took 6 hrs to only have completed 50% before I quit it.

Tried the same from starting up with the TT4 disk ( which takes about 4 min to boot from) and it was even slower.



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    mcsjgsmcsjgs Posts: 244member
    There have been some similar complaints over in the Macfixit forums. I'll be interested to see for myself if they ever send the CD to me.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I, too, am waiting for my TechTook Pro 4 CD to arrive (I bought Drive 10 this summer and did the whole "register and get a free TechTool Pro 4..." thing.

    I'll be curious to see.
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    I did this as well. I always thought the defrag utility on Drive 10 was pretty decent. The first time I used it (I had owned my PowerBook for about 18 months at that point) it too a LONG time to defrag. Since then, I have read debates on here abut whether its even worth doing. Panther seems to have some low-level auto defrag working whats the point? I basically just want to have all the other hardware diagnostics handy at this point.
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    Originally posted by zoozx27

    Is anyone else seeing this?

    Is this with 4.0 or with 4.0.1, or whatever the most recent update is called?
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    Optimization is completely unusable for me.

    The rest of the program is great from what I have tested. Of course when it doesn't find a problem or have anything to fix who really knows.

    I ran Optimization on a 40 gig part-ion on a internal sata 7200 on the dual G5 last night and it ran for 5 hrs before it appeared to lock up or at least become so slow as not to be working.

    I have also found that trying stopping or changing anything when the program is working can bring up the spinning wheel of death. Not always but way to often.

    Any links to other reviews would be appreciated.
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    mcsjgsmcsjgs Posts: 244member
    The best threads (multiple) I've found are here:

    Macfixit Disk Utilities Threads

    There is also an ongoing thread here:

    The link appears broken now, but Mike will probably fix it soon. This thread has an interesting post about data loss, the only such post I have been able to find.


    Link fixed now. Here:

    Tech Tool Pro 4.01 Reports


    The main problem looks to be the very long time the first runs take, especially optimizing. My impression is that if you let it run continuously and finish, the program has built up some kind of database or reference file, so that subsequent runs should be quicker. This is only a guess.

    Some people are also reporting that CD boots, even from G5s, can take as long as 5 minutes. Tweaking necessary from Micromat? There is also a message saying you have 30 days to report to Micromat if your computer cannot boot off the CD. Don't know why.
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