SGI Workstation?

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I'm thinking of buying a SGI Workstation off ebay, just for the fun of it. The computer i'm looking at says that it doesn't have a OS, and you can install a OS of your choice. Will Mac OS 9, or X work on SGI computers? If not, what OS does?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    No, no, and SGI IRIX.

    Unless it's one of SGI's ill-fated NT machines, in which case, NT, Win2000, etc.
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    Nothing beyond Windows 2000 will install on their 320 and 640 Intel workstations. If it is a MIPS system, IRIX and I believe some linux flavours run on it. IRIX is expensive, and quite a few CDs. I used to own an Indigo2, an Indy, and an Onyx IR Deskside.
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