Converting QT .mov to other formats

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I need to convert a quicktime movie to real movie and to windows media, since it will be distributed to PC users and my boss asked that i include multiple file formats on the disc. any recommendations on the best (free is always good) way to do this? i have iMovie, FCE, and QT5 Pro, but none of them seem to do this job that i can figure out. thanks.


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    bigbluebigblue Posts: 341member
    The only app I know that can do this is Discreet Cleaner. It does both WMV-7 and WMV MPG4 v3, but there are still issues with Real. I think in order to use it with Cleaner is to install Real first ... At the moment it IS in Cleaner, but is greyed out. I don't think there's an authoring codec for Real in OSX just yet.

    WMV-9 will be supported as soon MS releases the WMV-9 codec for OSX. Discreet can then implement this.
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    scottibscottib Posts: 381member
    Real conversion in Cleaner is done in OS9. I'd skip Real since all PCs have Windows Media Player and just use WM and QT.

    I thought there was a free QT>>WM app out there...
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    why not just use divx or some other mpeg codec... it should be able to be opened in any player...
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    thanks. as good as Cleaner seems, it wouldnt be worthwhile to spend the money on it since this is a one-shot deal.

    i tried playing the QT .mov on a pc today that had quicktime installed and it still wouldnt recognize the file. at this point i will take any file that a pc can read, but it seems like it cant read much. <resisting pc bashing urge>

    i noticed FCE will allow for an mpeg-4 conversion, but i understand that mpeg-4 wont work on a PC, but an mpeg-2 will. if this is true, what can i use to convert to mpeg-2? i found a pc-app that will allow me to convert to .rm once i get a file format it can read.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Most simple profile MPEG-4 should work in RealOne and WMP with this plugin:
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    doesn't QT pro do some exporting options to different formats, like dv and stuff?
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    thanks guys. when i get to work on monday, i will try out mpeg-4, .avi, and dv formats. you would think winBlowz would be able to play something.

    the only concern is we want to make this video easy for our customers to view, and not have them download software to do it. many of them wouldn't even try if it required extra effort. we are not talking about a necessarily computer-savvy industry.
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    ok, i tried it and windows media player can play the .avi file without a hitch. some of the people still couldnt play the mp4 though. whats the most compatible format to use to stream the video from a webpage? .avi leaves the file too large for this purpose.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    If you have access to Quicktime Pro ($30) you can export to a whole bunch of formats. Try Sorenson Video because that should work with things as old as Quicktime 4 or at least 5. Just about every machine has some version of Quicktime.
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