Speed bumps at MWSF (my take)

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..considering it's a new revision of the G4 we can expect, it means a few percents of speed improvement trough the new chip design, than some 30%-40% improvement of the clock speed, another ~10% of faster execution because of a faster bus/ram combination and all in all you'd end up with PowerMac G4 systems that are significally faster than the current line and we're not talking G5 yet.

Now, no G5 sure is dissapointing after reading MOT has produced 2.4 ghz chips already, but it can on the other hand keep costs down.

If the G5 is indeed ready, the 6-8 times faster execution than the G4 - as mentioned in another thread - seems likely with certain apps and I doubt Apple will have any problems justifying higher prices since, as one can read from different articles, the G5 would be a serious threat to the _real_ UNIX workstation market and wouldn't even bother comparing with P4 systems. And iMac2 would be Apollo.

To sum it up, I wish for

Sahara G3 - iBook league

Apollo G4 - iMac2 league

G5 - PowerMac league

and expect

Sahara G3 - iMac2 league

Apollo G4 - PowerMac league

G5 - hopefully announced as next PM league

Thanks for all the fishes!
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