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this holiday season my father would like to get an all in one printer/scanner/copier. he will be scanning primarily text, but plans to scan his entire photo collection. wants decent color printing. also a fax would be nice, but not necessary. hopefully less than $250.

we may buy a different scanner for photos and other projects that has higher quality and resolution. hopefully under $300.

also the all in one needs to be mac and pc compatible.

please post suggestions. thanks


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    We have an Epson CX5200 that scans, copies, and prints. It works well, but is kind of noisy when it loads paper. Otherwise, it is very good.
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    bill mbill m Posts: 324member
    HP's PSC 2410 rocks. Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax. Found most everywhere for around $299. Features include built-in media card reader (most formats), LCD color screen for printing photos without a computer and fax s/r.

    I just got one last week and it works great under OS X.
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    Thanks for the replies. Im just wondering what is a good resolution for photo scanning? I would want pretty high quality. Also, do the different brands have differences in their listed resolutions? Thanks for all the input.
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