I am not superstitious, really.

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Tijuana Fat's and Mary.

I am not superstitious at all. I worked as a waiter and bartender at this place for almost 2 years. I probably still hold the sales record. But, this place did do some strange things.

The story of the bar glasses, that was something that happened to me, there was only one other person in the bar at the time and they were in my line of sight the entire time, 30 seconds. The glasses I just put up were lined up perfectly when I turned back around.

Once I just changed shifts and sat down for a cocktail and my relief sat a glass down from the rack on the bar and walked away to get a bottle that he needed. He got about 8 ft away when the glass shattered. He was the nearest person. I was looking right at the glass when it happened.

Toys had a terrible tendency to disappear.

The story I heard was that it was a house fire the killed her and her uncle.


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