I deleted iChat..someone help!

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I accidentally delete iChat (not iChat AV) and now I really need it back. Does anyone know how I can get it back. I tried going through my Mac OS X.2 discs but I can't find it. I also tried versiontracker but it's not there. Any help would be appreciated.



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    Get Pacifist.

    Read the instructions for snagging software from the Mac OS X Install CD.

    Install /Applications/iChat.

    Be happy.
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    pbg3pbg3 Posts: 211member
    Wow! Thanks, I just found iChat and it works perfectly. Thank you so much!
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    Uhhh...just a question. What were you doing that you deleted iChat? That seems to me like it would be a very hard thing to do on accident. Not accusing you of anything, just wondering.
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