North Point Apple Store Grand Opening

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I went there this afternoon and walked around inside for about five minutes, filled out a contest card and walked out with a free t-shirt in the classic plastic tube. I haven't been to that mall in a couple of years, forgot how big it is. It's a very easy mall to lose a store in, not as stately as Lenox Mall in Buckhead.....glad that Lenox is closer to me...I like it best and it's at least twice as big.

No discounts, nothing wild. They said there were a couple hundred people in line when the store opened today, glad I could walk through later and pick up a t-shirt without problems.

The Genius said that she'd been on the Apple Campus when Panther was intro'd and that they had a beer bash to celebrate. Nice.

If anybody wants this shirt let me know. There'll be a $500 (US) shipping charge!

No, seriously.
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