1 Ghz G4 = 1,2 Ghz of last generation?

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"Comments on New G4s having Higher Efficiency/Performance per Mhz than Previous CPUs - I've received several emails like this one recently. (This week's previous news pages have had several links to specs/details on the new G4 CPUs)

" I went to Motorola's PPC chips taxonomy &lt;a href="http://e-www.motorola.com/webapp/sps/site/taxonomy.jsp?nodeId=03M943030450467M98653"&gt;here &lt;/a&gt;

There, you can find MIPS 2.1 benchmarks (whatever it may be...) for the different PPC processors.

It seemed to me that the numbers where higher than I would have expected for the 7455 and 7445.

So I went to Excel and calculated an "efficiency ratio" MIPS/MHz.


*\tMPC 603e: 1.4

*\tMPC 740, 745, 750, 755, 7400 and 7410: 1.83 (G3 and early G4)

*\tMPC 7441, 7450 and 7451: 1.81 (733 MHz G4 and Quicksilver)

*\tMPC 7445 and 7455 : 2.28 !! (new Quicksilver)

If those numbers are correct, and in any way related to real-world performance, the Monday speed bump looks more impressiveÖ

An hypothetic 7450 reaching a MIPS score of 2280 with the same efficiency ratio would need to be clocked at about 1260 MHzÖ

But nothing in the tech specs published by Motorola suggest such a huge difference between the 7450/1 and the 7455.

Anyway, thank you for your excellent site.

Best regards

O. Giraud"

Is this true?

What do Mips measure? Is it a standard? What is the mips setting of an athlon xp or pentium IV at 2.2?

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