custom built g3 server.

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I am interested in industrial design, and am planning on taking an old PC with an AT motherboard, upgrading to 500Mhz, taking out everything but video and networking and building my own fanless case.

I would love to do this on a Mac, and I am wondering whether there are any good Powermacs (g3 upgraded) that would be good to work with for this kind of application. (ie small form factors, standard power supplies, upgradability, etc.



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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    Why would you use AT? Why not mATX or ATX?

    Sounds like a nice idea though. I have to say RAM and a hard drive might be a nice addition as well.

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    prestonpreston Posts: 219member
    I'm using AT because I have an AT board already that is super upgradeable... This is just a test box.. to practice my skills. I'll probably do it with a new PC in a few months if this one works out well.

    Unfortunately I've kinda given up on doing this with a Mac... even older models are far too expensive for this type of hobbyist application.

    The holy grail of my ambitions is to salvage a laptop LCD and rig it up to work with a VGA video card. Anyone have any general instructions/info on anything like this?

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