Inbox in Mail not working?

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One day it just stopped working. I'm using Mail 1.2.5 (v552/553) on 10.2.8. I hate checking my email using .mac via the web. Anyone know how to fix this?


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    You're going to have to post a few more details. Does Mail open? Are you not receiving incoming email? Can you send mail out? Or what?
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    Mail opens fine and I can send out emails, but nothing shows up in my inbox as if I have no mail. Even when I click "Get Mail", nothing. I know that I do have mail though because when I go on .Mac, it shows a tons of new mail.
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    check your servers.... thats gotta be the problem (the incoming server)
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    Ok. I go to Mail > Perferences > Edit Account and it says .Mac for my incoming servers. The only thing that it lets me change is my password, which is correct.
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    Are you remembering to delete your old mail from the server?

    If your mailbox is full that might be the problem - but I think that stops new new mail from arriving as well?

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    check the place where it mentions incoming and outgoing servers.

    I've never setup a .mac account, but I've had this problem with regular email POP3 accounts.

    The main problem was the password encryption, there should be none by default.

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