Fonts are still a mystery to me.. any help?

in macOS edited January 2014
Hi, I'm currently using Suitcase X1 in Panther and fonts are still something I can't seem to get a handle on.

Questions if you have time/answer:

What are .ATM files?

Why do some fonts show up greyed out [not selectable] while others are seem to work only if I active them through Panther's Fontbook?

Is there a 'best' font type for using with Panther? i.e. PostScript, TrueType, Dfont, etc...

Please explain in laymens terms?

I have tons of fonts that I can't even preview for whatever reason... usually b/c either Fontbook or Suitcase doesn't seem to open them. [I'm pretty sure they're not corrupted]

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


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    I suggest having a look at FontAgent pro and have it check and organize your fonts. Should do the trick. My favourite fontmanager btw!
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