SAVE!!! Micromat Drive 10 Redeemed!!!

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Well it happened again! I had a nearly catostpohic HD data problem on my Pismo 500MHZ/384/DVD/12GB. Last week the machine would not recognize the trackpad when booting into 10.1 from the HD. The screen was also dim and booting took forever. When I tried to reinstall OSX it wouldn't recognize the HD. ****! I tried everything and called Apple, spent 2:45 on the phone with them and finally had to wipe the drive and start from scratch. It was a volume structure and invalid key length type error. Finally, after a week of putting my backup data on the machine and resetting everything, I was good to go.

I DID NOT back up data this week. I ran out of time at work and figured after a clean install I would be OK. Think again.

Last night at almost exactly the same time as the previous Friday's disaster, I was playing around. Internet explorer kept unexpectedly quitting. I had installed some shareware and freeware stuff, so I figured a simple reboot should do the trick. Unfortunately, the machine booted into OS9!!! This is after we had paritioned the drive the week before and started from scratch. But, before 9 was done booting, a dialogue box came up and asked me if I wanted to INITIALIZE the Mac OS X partition!! It wouldn't recognize the damn drive!!!

I ran disk first aid again and this time it found "node errors". They were not able to be repaired. I tried everything I had the first time. But this time, I booted from a Drive 10 CD from did the trick. It found and repaired volume structure problems and I got the system back when I rebooted. It booted right into OS X with no problem!!! I had not backed up the data this week, so I was SO RELIEVED.

I am on with Apple now. Despite the fact that the problem is fixed again, they suggest sending it in for a looksy. I am sure they will tell me I am ****ed because I have third party RAM installed. Or, maybe they'll tell me my problems are due to impending logic board or HD controller failures and give me a new machine. Cross your fingers. I am "all about" free hardware. But I doubt it! Perhaps if we all pray together and "send postive beams of energy to Apple" (as in Richard Gere's case) they will send me a new loaded TiBook. BWHAHAHAHAHA.......wait, be calm.

I had problems with Drive 10 before. But now I owe them my life!

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