ram.ram( I can't delete it )

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I was surfing the web when something just automatically starts downloading. It is a document file, it is listed as ram.ram. It will not let me move it to the trash.

It just sits on my desktop being a nuisance.

Anyone knows what it is and how I can get rid of it?


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    Well, I know it's a RealPlayer video file. Perhaps the reason you can't move it to the trash because RealPlayer is probably running the file, and won't let go of it. Try logging out, and in again, and try deleting it.
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    Or if your familiar with the terminal you can use that to delete it.
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    liquidrliquidr Posts: 884member
    I've tried logging off and I've tried restarting. No go. Thanks.

    How do I use terminal to get it off of my computer?
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    liquidrliquidr Posts: 884member
    Now I am pissed. Whatever this thing is, it is not letting me drag any of my files nor import my CD into iTunes.

    Someone please help.


    Okay figured out how to get rid of that file. But I still can not drag any of my files. This is frustrating.

    again please help.
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