Pismo Upgrades I want

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I am not a big upgrade guy. But it would be nice to be able to;

1) Upgrade to a G4

2) Buy a combo drive module

I would consider those if reasonable. I don't do alot of tricked out gaming so the video card doesn't bother me. (The 8MB Mobility is still able to run games decently anyway)

My dilemma is that my pismo will be ready to be replaced next year. I will either keep it up and running as a mobile and then buy a desktop machine or sell it and buy a Tibook. Given the former it would be nice to keep it at a reaonable speed for a few more years and have removable writable storage on the go.

That poses the real problem. If I buy a desktop and keep the pismo I won't have that option....but the screen and its brightness is a major detractor to buying a Tibook for me now....especially since I usually use it as a desktop replacement anyway. The Tibooks and Pismo screens look quite dim even when compared to an ibook, much less a 17" ASD.


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    [quote]The 8MB Mobility is still able to run games decently anyway<hr></blockquote>

    Pah! Put Fly II on that and see it crawl.

    Laptops aren't viable gaming machines anyway though. The fastest graphics card you can get is what, a neutured Radeon 7500? Dumbed GF2?

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