Studying for the Mac Genius technical test??

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I just found out I've been selected to be interviewed for a position as a Mac Genius at the Soho Apple Store!! I'm so excited I can barely type this.

However, they informed me I will have to take the "Mac Genius technical test."

I know a lot about Macs - I'm the one my friends call when they can't fix theirs, and 9 out of 10 times, I can trouble-shoot it over the phone. Now, how do I study for this test? Has anyone here taken it? Any books I should buy? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    You should be fine. Don't go out and blow hundreds of dollars on books and stuff like that. You sound like you know your stuff pretty well. If you want to, go to a local bookstore and skim through some Mac OS X books, or read some stuff from the computer sections. The library is probably a good recourse too. Don't freak out over it, judging from this thread if you know anything about Apple computers, that genius test should be a breeze. Good luck!!!
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    or read through this forum. you'll find more weird ass crap in here than almost anywhere else.
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    I had that test over the phone when I was interviewing for a Genius position and didn't find it too difficult. There was a question or two that I didn't know the answer to of hand (didn't remember the command to reboot the computer into the chosen partition in Open Firmware.. the MACBUGs command kept coming to mind...), but they weren't looking for direct answers so much as they were looking to know that you knew where to look for the answers.

    I will say that those positions are usually very competitive. The store manager I had my third interview with said that she was interviewing 80 people... so you will probably have a lot of competition. That last faze is probably the most difficult.

    PS... I think they purposely asked me the most difficult questions on the list. I have a lot of experience in troubleshooting from my work at a large University.
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