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If I got a new card for my AGP slot in my Dual 500 G4

would it be possibly to take the card from that slot and to put it into a PCI slot?

Do PCI slots accept the same cards that work in AGP slots?

AND: are nVidia Geforce 3 64mb -not MX cards any good or worth getting?

better than my Rage 128 pro . . . . I have heard that they are super kickbutt . . .


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    AGP and PCI are two very different bus structures, they won't fit into each other (well, unless you break the card).

    Are you getting the GeForce3 card for free? As many PowerMac G4 computers came with a GeForce4. The Rage 128 Pro is good, but the GeForce is a mild step up, IMHO.

    If you're going to buy a card, buy the best ATI Radeon AGP-based you can afford.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    Thanks for the answer.

    i already have a card . . . my Rage 128

    I need another card, for my other monitor, that works with Panther. So it will go in my PCI slot.

    as for the Geforce 3 . . . there is one on eBay I thought I might get . . . . but now I will look for a PCI card instead.
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    Well, you will get quartz extreme if you upgrade to Geforce line from the Rage 128.

    Geforce 3+ line is considerably better than the Rage 128 though, not a mild step up. I believe the Rage 128s were overtaken by the Geforce 1s, to give you an idea.
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    I would highly recommend that you try the retail Radeon 9000 Pro Mac Edition UNLESS you have the old Apple Studio Display CRT with ADC. If you do have this monitor, DO NOT buy this card as it has problems with the monitor that have yet to be fixed. If you don't have this monitor, by all means consider the ATI card because it is as good, if not better, than a GeForce 3 and costs significantly less than the Geforce 3 on e-bay (it sells around $150 I think). To compare the performance, check the website xlr8yourmac.com. This card is capable of driving two monitors at once and will be a very nice step up from the clunky Rage 128 (I had one of those too).

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