iBook Hard Drive replacements?

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I'm pretty sure I have a dead or dying hard drive in my ibook. I was just wondering if I could use just any 2.5 inch drive in the ibook or does it have to be a specific drive?

Thanks ahead.

500mhz g3 white ibook


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    IIRC any notebook drive will work...

    Go for a 7200RPM drive!
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    Any notebook HD should be fine. Check price grabber for the best prices, this will also allow a search for only 2.5in drives. I'm not sure about the model that you have, but traditionally HD replacement in an iBook has been the worlds largest pain in the butt and almost impossible to do without screwing something up. You might want to have it done by a professional.

    Edit: I just checked the support page at apple.com and an HD is not considered a user installable part on any model of iBook. Which means it can be done, but will void any warranty left, also, as I stated above, it is almost impossible to do it yourself.
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    Wait... if your drive dies then Apple Care would cover it, right? If you don't have apple care then voiding the warranty will not apply.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    i've done it. it's damn hard.

    i'd rate the powerbook HD install as a 1.5 out of 10.

    the dual USB powerbook is at least a 9 out of 10. it's hard, it takes a long time.

    if you're going to do it, make sure to do the following:

    Go online and read up on the walkthroughs that others have posted. most will give this job a 2-4 hour timeframe.

    When you take it apart, i highly recommend setting the screws on some kind of diagram. there are well over two dozen tiny screws in the process. if you aren't careful you'll have extras, or put some in the wrong places.

    Before you being, double check to make sure you have all the tools you need. you really don't want to have to stop part way through this process.

    Finally, make sure to take your time. if you feel yourself getting frustrated, walk away and come back after 10+ min. trying to force anything to go will cause damage to your iBook.

    Good luck!
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    It's NOT hard to do.

    It IS a fairly long and involved process though.

    Set aside an entire afternoon and/or evening, take your time, drink soda or coffee rather than beer/wine ('till it's over).

    You CAN do this ... just expect that it will take several hours.
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    ive got a few 40 gigers on ebay with reserves set to 80$ if ur interested
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    if you have to set aside an afternoon to do it, it's hard.

    it'll takes under 30 min. to do most computers.
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    This might help you out.


    It is a pain to do this but as long as you keep the screws in the correct order you should be fine.

    Good luck
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I just found this very helpful resource, a user guide to replacing the drive in a white iBook, complete with pictures and helpful hints, such as this one:


    A good idea is to attach a strip of double-sided tape to this to hold the large number of tiny screws that have to be removed - this will allow you to group them together to avoid confusion and makes sure they can't easily get knocked onto the floor.

    Also, it claims that NOT any harddrive will do: the drive has to have a maximum height of 9.5 mm. Mind that!
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    yeah tahnks for all the heads up i can do it myself though

    This ibook isn't under any warranty so I really don't care about voiding anything.

    I've upgraded all my imacs Bondi Blue and DV versions so I think i can handle taking this ibook apart. Even did the very risky thing of replacing the crt in one of them

    As for a 7200 hard drive....i think i'll pass on that idea I don't want my battery life dropping.
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    Originally posted by O and A


    As for a 7200 hard drive....i think i'll pass on that idea I don't want my battery life dropping.

    Go for the 7200rpm, you'll regret not doing it. Your battery life will not suffer all that much, maybe a few minutes, nothing drastic at all. And you will get a huge speed increase.
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    let us know how it goes.
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    Originally posted by alcimedes

    let us know how it goes.

    Replaced with a 20 gig 4200 rpm hd working fine.

    Wasn't very hard at all just need to be organized while doing it is all.
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    Awesome, did you use any guides from the web or anything like that? I'm looking to do a HD replacement in my brother's iBook. Any tips? Thanks.
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    Originally posted by DMBand0026

    Awesome, did you use any guides from the web or anything like that? I'm looking to do a HD replacement in my brother's iBook. Any tips? Thanks.

    Only tip i have is don't lose the screws and make sure u put them in cups with labels to where they go because there are various sizes and too many to remember where they go. Other than that its not too difficult.

    I used a guide i found on google i think its the same one further up in this thread.
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