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Does anyone use Open Directory Server?

At the moment I am running a Netscape Directory server on a Sun. This has been fine for the last 2 years but we are looking to implement Open Directory and use some of its nice OSX features.. I am a bit lost at where to begin. Each time I think I have cracked it the damn thing doesn't work. Has anyone had any success with it (apart from Apple).

Or can anyone point me in the right direction for documentation that might be worth looking at..




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    Open Directory Review

    In order to understand Mac OS X's place in an enterprise directory, we first need to understand its capabilities, processes, and configuration. Apple's Directory Services Architecture is known as Open Directory. You can think of Open Directory as Mac OS X's Rosetta stone. Open Directory knows how to talk to directories so that specific Mac OS X applications (like Apache or loginwindow) do not have to.
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