I'm excited, bluetooth audio transmitor and receiver

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I really want one for my ipod.

A greater range than iTunes. Heck yeah. I'm hoping that at parties at my home that I could just set the stereo as needed and just wander around with the ipod on my belt.


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    I take it you mean better range than iTrip.

    Having read the article, which was a strange mixture of enthusiasm and confusion, it seems the iTrip loses on only two counts.

    * It is illegal in my country

    * It has a smaller maximum range.

    While it wins on

    * Available now

    * runs off iPod battery

    * compatible with every radio reciever ever made

    * 1/10th of the cost

    amongst others.

    As I said, the article was confusing, but is he really saying that you should take the analog out from your portable mp3 player and feed it into a battery powered add-on, re-digitize and re-compress it, before sending it across bluetooth to be decoded by a second battery powered device and then feeding it into your output devices analog in port (assuming it has one)?.

    Sounds a bit much, though I like your idea of the iPod as a glorified remote control. Having used an IR remote with my Sony 400CD changer that had an LCD display I appreciate the convenience.

    The difference being that the iPod interface is a thousand times better (wheel control, play by artist/genre/album, (smart) playlists) but on the other hand doesn't have a volume control (well it does, but not for the device you're actually listening on).
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