deleting tumes from itumes, but not ipod

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Is there a way of deleting music from itumes and not have it carry across to the ipod, without checking the box for manualing managing the ipod?


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    That is pretty much why you would want manual updating. Automatic updating is a feature that makes a mirror image of your itunes and iPod. (or at least the selected playlists) The only exception I can think of is the checkboxes next to the songs. You can select which songs you don't want on the iPod, but I don't think it works the other way around.
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    Yeah, I may have to start working on that. Set up a playlist with all the new stuff I have downloaded so I know where it is and can make sure to send it across to my pod.

    This is all because my imac is old and I am trying to free up some hard drive space.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    If you use the fFnder to delete or archive the files (but not the iTunes library entries) from your hard drive, iTunes won't be able to find the files, but it won't delete the files from your iPod either. That'll free up space and still allow you to add new tracks to your iTunes library without having to manually update the iPod. This will work best if you don't use your iMac to play iTunes.

    Wow! That's a great trick. I had no idea that it worked like that. Thanks for the heads up.
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