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ok, so here's the situation. I got a Epson USB printer hooked up to the family's PC. I have successfully networked the mac with the pc (it sure was fast... took 10 minutes... I usually have to take an hour with 2 pc's) . Anyways, how do I make it so that when I want to print something on my mac, it goes through the pc then to the printer? I heard that apple talk does it, but is it already installed on my computer? and what's the process of setting up a printer network? thanks in advance


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    Not that I know since I don't own a pc but it would most likely configure easier if the Mac is the host of networked print share.
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    AppleTalk will not do this, but the CUPS system certainly will. First you need to share the printer from the PC (as if you were going to share it with other Windows PC's). Then go to the CUPS admin page on your box through a browser:


    Then Click on the "Printers" link, and then add a new printer. When it asks for the device you need to choose "Windows printer via SaMBa". Then you will need the ip address, and the name of the printer (I think it is in the properties viewer on the Windows box). The next screen will ask you that, then you choose the driver (10.3 includes a large assortment through the Gimp-Print collection).

    After you are done with that you can use it like a normal printer in MacOS X.
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    I get to where your talking but I only see the fields:




    I don't see any SAMBA thingy
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    It is on the next screen...

    oh... and the three pieces of information it is asking for on that screen are for your information only. They get displayed at various points, but as far as the computer is concerned they could be anything (but a name is required).
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    ah... ok now the next question

    now it's asking for the device URI:

    It gives examples of how to do this, it looks like using the file one would be most feasible, but I don't know where my printer's folder is located on my Win XP, cause the way you get to it is hitting the start menu then printers. Does anyone know the long way of getting to the printer folder? Or is there another way of doing this?








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    lalalalal ?
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    If on 10.2, try this (taken from Macosxhints ) :

    On OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), you can access a printer that has been shared on a Windows computer. Just follow these steps:

    Launch Print Center

    Hold down the Option key while clicking the Add button (in the Printer List window)

    Select Advanced from the first pop-up menu.

    Pick "Windows Printer via SAMBA" in the "Device" pop-up menu.

    Enter whatever you want in "Device Name"

    Enter the URI in "Device URI". The syntax is: smb://Server Name/Share Name

    Pick the printer vendor from the Printer Model pop-up menu, and the subsequent model.

    If on 10.3

    In Printer Setup Utility, there should be an option for Windows Printing, in which case you navigate to the shared printer much as you would in Windows. (i.e. Go to the workgroup the user's printer is on --> pick user --> pick shared printer)
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    yah!!!! it worked!!! THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS!
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