Converting DSS audio, how to?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
My employer has some audio files from a digital cassette recorder in what I believe is a DSS format. We're looking to convert them to a more usable format, but I don't know how. These are files we purchased for download so we don't have the ability to use a line in, but we would want to avoid that anyway.

The process now takes two passes and takes longer than the length of the files. I'm hoping someone knows of these types of files and can tell me the name of some freeware that can spit out AIFF, MP3 or something else.


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    Can you play the files on your mac? If so, you could use Wiretap or Audio Hijack to record it as an AIFF. They only record in realtime, but the signal never hits the DA and AD converters, so there's no quality issues.
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