tricks for OSX?

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Does anyone know of all the tricks that can be done? By that I mean the boot up tricks, such as holding down command+shift to bring up the command prompt while starting up the computer. there seems to be many different combinations of keys that do different things. But what are they? and what do they do? It would be very helpful to know these tricks.


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    The application Xupport has a listing under Appendix->Shortcuts of most or all of the keyboard shortcuts that exist, for starting up and for anything else you might want to do.
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    I know that Apple's support page has something like this, but I'm not sure where, just select OS X as your product and search a little, it's in there.
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    russsrusss Posts: 115member
    Easy. Open Mac Help. Do a search on "shortcuts". It's all there.
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    See this thread in the Genius Bar.
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