Anyone using FontReserve Server?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
At the company where I work they are running FontReserve Server from an OS X Mac with all OS 9 Clients. My question is if anyone else is having trouble with it? FontReserve has the "auto-activation" feature and it causes almost all of our apps to crash on a regular bases. When you boot the computer and nothing else is running except the FontReserve client application the System is using 631 megabytes of RAM. To me that seems a little bit excessive. Without the FontReserve client running the System uses a little over 128 megs of RAM. I have never seen a Mac running System 9 or before using so much memory just for the System.

I always used ATM Deluxe before OS X because I never cared for FontReserve but I have no choice at work. It could be that FontReserve is set up incorrectly. I was just wondering if anyone else is having any problems with FontReserve. I didn't want to blame my companies computer problems on FontReserve if no one else is experiencing problems with it. I know that Extensis bought FontReserve and it is possible that FontReserve and Suitcase will one day merge into one program.
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