Quitening a dual 1.25 nonwindtunnel (slot cooler??)

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a spring 2003 DP 1.25 and while no wind tunnel the 120mm Delta fan sure is putting out a lot of noice. I bought a slot fan with the intention that the slot fan would lower the the case temperature and then the big fan would run slower and quiter.

I found a SB-A blower system cooler at a local computer store. The specification is a quite 26 dbA (way lower than the 53 dB of the delta fan) 2400 rpm and a staggering 42 CFM. The good news is that the fan output is really great and that the CPU temperature was lowered by 2-3 C. However the actual sound level is higher than the other fans and that defeats the purpose.

Any suggestions on quite slot fans or perhaps seomthing with the main CPU fan?
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